By Richard Webster Published by Llewellyn

When I received the box to review I was really impressed.  However, on opening the pack I was disappointed, my first impression on looking through the cards wasn’t very favourable.  I’m not drawn to cards with photo images of actual people.  Also the mixture of old and new details on the cards, i.e. people in modern day clothing or present day buildings, just didn’t seem to fit comfortably with the images of the Angels in their flowing robes.

However, saying that, I liked that there were no borders on the cards, and that they were of good quality card.  The book has short, to the point, interpretations of the meaning of each card which left room for expansion by the Reader which I thought was good.  I’m not sure if I would recommend these for a beginner as the card explanations refer to astrological signs and the powers of each Angel, which I doubt a beginner would be aware of, although there is a short explanation at the rear of the book.   If you are not familiar with the Angels represented in the deck, they would be difficult to read unless you read them entirely intuitively.  Therefore, if you prefer to read using only intuition, these would be a good tool to start with.

The book and cards are also a handy size for carrying around.