It has been a funny couple of weeks, along with my family I have done a tour of a few Greek Islands, each island having great historical interest.  Aghios Nikolaos which houses the Palace of Knossos this ruined city was once the capital of Minoan and is where the legendary Labyrinth was once hidden. Athens where is origins can be traced back to the 5th century and is a huge heritage site. Rhodes, where you can see a fusion of Gothic and Byzantine architecture, and finally Marmaris in Turkey where Anthony and Cleopatra met for secret tete a tetes.

Prior to this little adventure I have been rushed off my feet, my book Tarot Basics which comes out early next year is in its final edit, the Tarot Conference is a full time job, especially the weeks leading up to it, and  you will be surprised at how much there is to do after the event.  New scripts to be written for our Psychic Cafe events in Leigh on Sea, Romford, London, Grove Park and Epping. Plus all sorts of other bits and pieces which need to be done to make sure things run smoothly.  So why am I telling you all this?   I have a confession to make, after visiting all the amazing places above, the best part for me was the shopping,  don’t get me wrong I love what I do and am blessed to be able to work at something I love.   But the test came with the choice to visit a Greek monument or try on shoes, it was no contest, shoes won every time!

I am only human, and the way I see it, those Greek monuments have survived decades, they are not going anywhere for a long time, but pretty shoes  …..  well it would have been rude not to purchased several pairs.       I must just quickly mention the pile of books I took along which I have to review, I read 2 pages of one of them and could not face picking it up again.  Looks like I have come home to a pile of work. Nevermind, I have had a week of indulgence, bring on Monday!