The conference had finished for the day and everyone is feeling relaxed and having a drink winding down, then an astrologer mentions the gap in my teeth, he said to me, “did you know that modern women who have gaps in their front teeth were apparently prostitutes under order from the High Priestess, by all accounts it was a really cushy job and they were revered, quite different from modern day prostitutes.  I can honestly say I had not heard that before, I thought I had a gap in my front teeth because I sucked a dummy until I was 6 years old, even having one on a homemade necklace when I started school.   Confirmation came that I must have been a prostitute because I have Mars in Scorpio or is that Scorpio in Mars Just goes to show doesn’t it.  Anyway, wondered why I came in to this life with an aching back, now I know, seems I might have spent most of a past life horizontal!