Today I visit a wealthy friend and I noticed her crystals were dusty, she has one amethyst cave which goes from the floor to the ceiling which she purchased from the British museum some years ago, she tells me it was a bargain,  it was only £25,000. She then had to have it delivered by a specialist firm because it was so huge, gawd knows what that cost.

Anyway, I tell her they need cleansing,  suddenly I feel like I have landed on the set of Absolutely Fabulous, yes sweetie she said, you can do it next time you come, ermmm, I don’t do that, yes you can sweetie it is not a problem for you, she then told me that her ‘crystal cleaner’ lady had disappeared and not been in contact, A CRYSTAL CLEANER LADY what sort of a job is that?  Well apparently it is now mine lol as she told me what she paid her to do this job  I can honestly say I was dumbstruck,  anyway, happy to do it for her and it will likely pay for a pair of Chanel sunglasses I have my eye on with some change left over.   Just a thought to crystal lovers out there, there actually is a market for a professional crystal cleaner, I had never heard of this, but the wealthy have big crystals and prepared to pay to keep the vibes positive.  I am far too busy to take this up as a side profession but I just thought I might mention it.

The Wheel turns in the most unexpected places.   Sometimes the answers are right under our nose!