Today I hosted a McMillan Coffee Morning.  I have been scrubbing out for days, you could probably smell the bleach and Mr Muscle from where you live, the house has never been so clean.  I sent out invites and baked cakes of every variety. (Did I mention I could give Mary Berry a run for her money.  In my younger day my dream was to run my own restaurant, my mother declared no daughter of hers would wash dishes for a living, to think about it now, if she thought I would end up washing dishes she never really expected me to amount to much, anyway mothers disapproval put paid to that idea) Anyway I digress.

I was so worried only a few would turn up, in fact more worried a load of cake would be left over and I would end up eating it. I need not have panicked, I have no idea how many people came through the door, but my house was filled to the brim with every room being used for something.   My lovely friends were doing readings, we had so many people wanting a reading we had to set up extra space in the garden, people experienced Reiki for the first time and another room had massage.   What I quickly realised is that most people are curious about their future, the readers were so busy they did not come up for air.   I also put my Tarot jewellery out for people to see for the first time  ……   and they were buying it (Noooooo its meant for the conference, but it is really beautiful, have a look on the shop page for pictures).

All in all it was a fantastic day and Monday I shall be banking £221.10 for McMillan, a huge thank you to everyone who attended and worked so hard for this cause.