Hubby and I popped out for a Sunday evening drink.   The bar was quiet and a couple from along the road came in we nodded in politeness, they sat one side of the bar and us the other.    A short time passed and the man called out to us “how old is your son” (alarm bells ringing) “24 I said” oh he said, I have to ask you something …..  panic now setting in ……..  Who was that running naked in the street in the dead of night with his mates goading him on, me “when was this?” apparently it was a couple of years ago.      It might be a good time to mention I live in quite a posh private road, in fact there are gates at the end of the road to stop any Tom, Dick or Harry coming in, and there are not many who live in this street who have a sense of humour.

Man from street proudly tells us, that we had a house full of ‘youngsters’ and a young lad ran stark naked up the road with others piled in to a car with head lights at full beam lighting up the road for all to see.

Now my fixed grin was falsely beaming, my head saying laugh Kim laugh, oh I said, my boy would never do that, but apparently he ran in to my house (dam), not my boy I said, must have been his cousin or a stupid friend.  Anyway I quickly added my boy lives in Kensington now with a very important job in Mayfair.   Man from street said, it was really funny.   Now to think of it this man has always smiled a bit too knowingly for my liking now I know why, especially as he knows I dabble in a bit of witchery, I just hope it wasn’t a full moon (ha ha well it was in one sense).  Just to confirm this happened when me and Martin were away, which explains the missing Havana hat and empty booze bottles!  Honestly kids, doesn’t matter how old they are, do we ever stop worrying!

Anyway must go, got my boy to talk too,  “Alexander come to mummy I need a word”!