My previous Blog talks about my wonderful weekend in Marbella, I came home on such a high I thought nothing could burst my bubble.

The first job on Monday morning was to open my e mails, and there is was, my nightmare scenario, one of my key conference speakers cancelling for personal reasons.  This has never happened in my 10 years of hosting the Conference. The funny thing was, I had an uneasy thought just a few days before that if anyone was going to ring last minute or not show it would be this person.  My intuition was already in overdrive it seems.  Anyone who organises events will know how much stress is involved, it doesn’t come together so professionally with the wave of a magic wand.  Programmes are produced with timing down to the last minute so that everything runs smoothly, sponsors approached, conference rooms booked, speakers requirements dealt with, hand outs written, magazine deals done, bookings being taken, a register created with who is attending what and when so there are no hiccups etc. this is all very time consuming stuff.

A couple of months ago I met David Wells at an authors party, I warmed to him immediately and we talked about Tarot and the Qabalah.  I said to him, you must come and speak at my conference next year (I think begged actually), anyway in a fit of panic yesterday I called him and after a bit or reshuffling he phoned me later in the day to say he would come this year.    After weeks of having a heavy heart for no reason about this year’s conference, it has lifted. I know this is the right choice and the event will now be amazing.  David you are The Emperor, dependable, knowledgeable and for now, my hero!