At the age of 4, myself and 3 other girls started infant school together and became lifelong friends.  All our paths have been very different, some have experienced sadness, trauma, loss and other times embraced much happiness and joy.  During periods in our lives we have gone years without seeing or speaking, but when we meet it is as if we have never left each other.   We have a bond and friendship that is so precious you cannot put a price on it.

This weekend we flew to Marbella for a party at Julia’s beautiful house. Only one of our original group was not there, but we laughed and laughed like silly teenagers.  After much supping of champagne EVERYTHING was funny.  I am bad enough anyway but when I am in a naughty mood I am a nightmare.  My Martin was talking to this lovely man, a gay fashion designer, I heard Martin ask “so what are the colours for the new season” well apparently it is strawberry for the spring.  Now this might seem very innocent, but myself and my girls nearly wet ourselves with Martin talking fashion, and proudly informing us of the new seasons collection, you had to be there!   Then Ingrid (my friend of Jamaican origin) tells me that in Peckham there is a shop which sells padded pants, in other words makes you bum look really big, because she tells me, black men like big women, and these pants are selling like hot cakes, I am quite baffled by this because a tenor lady has me confused but I digress, she tells me someone was wearing a pair of these pants, when one bum cheek leaked and went down like a deflated balloon, can you imagine how hard we laughed!    So I think I have now set the tone for the evening.  Anyway, live singer, saxophone, electric violin and a belly dancer who can also swirl fire set the standard for a wonderful evening.       I feel so happy today, (better after a good sleep tonight), everybody needs friends and I am so blessed with mine, all of you who are in my life, what can I say, I luff you all.  (and to clarify I am actually sober)!

Saturday was Judgement, I love that it means rebirth, rejoicing and new potential