I am off to Marbella on Saturday, just for a party then back on Sunday,  yes I have some wonderful generous friends.  Today the preparation for the weekend began starting with a very posh pedicure.  Anyway I was waiting for my nails to dry and picked up a well known spiritual magazine.    I was calm and relaxed flicking through the pages and there she was smiling back at me, the Angel Lady, I put the magazine down, best not read what she has to say as I am in a good place right now and she will only wind me up.

I have had my fill of ‘Angel experts’ recently, and to quote my friend Caitlin ‘ I am appalled at the devaluation of angels who are strong spirits of immense power’.   But mention the word Angel and you have everyone’s attention.  Most people so want to believe that angels exist (which of course they do) but  in our desire to believe we have lost sense what their role is.   I once sat cringing at a ‘live’ reading by an Angel expert whose messages were so off beam I wanted to put a blanket over my head in embarrassment for her.   When told the reading was not related to this persons situation, another angel appeared (I kid you not) who gave the message to the lady that the pain was in her subconscious she was not aware of it on this level.    Errmmmmm, ok then.   At a recent event we were going to cover a well known Tarot spread, it went something like this …… “The blah blah spread comes from    ermmm ……… like ……… ermmm  ……  ages ago, and if you want to know more we have an app you can download”.    Oh sorry, you were looking for more, no that was it and we moved on to something else. (sigh)

This is not just marketing talk, but my Tarot Conference now in its 11th year is the most informative, friendly and interactive event you will ever attend (seriously, could you imagine me putting up with anything less than perfect).  The goodie bags are to drool over thanks to the wonderful people at Hay House, Llewellyn, Lo Scarabeo and Kindred Spirit magazine and more importantly, you will leave my event doubling your knowledge of Tarot, that is a promise, and if you don’t I will give you your money back, that is how confident I am.  Don’t put up with second rate, come and see experts in action, true masters of their trade, you will never attend another event so professionally geared for the attendee!