I started the UK Tarot Conference 11 years ago because I was fed up with my beloved Tarot being slated and misunderstood.  The ignorance of the cards fuelled by perception and not knowledge infuriated me.   I have always been one to put my money where my mouth is so the Conference was born as a place for people to learn, appreciate and indulge in the wise ancient wisdom that the tarot shares with us.

I attended an event today and feel like my work to raise the image of tarot just took 10 steps back.  We were told, that if you are uncomfortable with the word ‘Tarot’, then just pop a sticker over it and Bingo, you have just any old deck of cards, I would have loved 15 minutes on that stage to offer valued advice about tarot, show some fun exercises and take the ‘fear’ out of the cards, but then I have not sold enough books to be given that opportunity.  Which by the way you can buy from the shop page here http://tarotconference.co.uk/shop/  oh go on buy a copy, it is a fabulous book!