I am very aware that a Tarot deck has been produced which has removed the so called ‘negative cards’.   It has caused quite a stir in the Tarot community and I have been asked my opinion, which at this stage I can’t comment, you will understand why when you get to the end of todays Blog.

Recently I did a reading for a new client, the first card out of the deck was the Tower card, glancing at the cards following, I immediately knew there were major issues around work and money, and she had been dealing with health problems.  Turns out she had recently been made redundant and within a few days following this news discovered she had a debilitating illness.  A Tower situation indeed, but once that card had been read and dealt with we were able to work positively towards a brighter future.  My point is the Tower card told me more information in one image than all the others put together, of course, those of you who know tarot will realise that we often need cards such as Tower/Death/3 Swords etc to help guide us to deal with negative issues in the best possible way.  Often these cards are cathartic, they can change our path, often for the better in the long run.  We grow stronger through our challenges.  I do not see how a deck of cards can be called Tarot if they do not reflect life.

To get a real insight how to work with a ‘positive’ only tarot card deck I am attending a workshop to learn how to use them, I shall report back my findings in a couple of weeks after I have completed the day.  In defence of the cards, I do understand that some people who do not know tarot can be freaked out by the Death card for example, therefore it is up to us professional readers and teachers to educate the novices and remove the fear (not the negative cards), they are after all just 78 pieces of card with pictures on!