Enjoyed a lovely Bank holiday weekend with a house full of visitors, today, we took Grandma to Folkestone to see the Memorial Arch, although it was pouring down with rain, it eased up a little and we were able to read the stories of the brave soldiers of WW1.   There was also a plaque dedicated to those who were tried for cowardice, who knows what was going on in their mind, the fear of not being able to ‘go over the top’, ironically were shot anyway.  These men, that generation of real men, brave souls who fought for King and country, they must never be forgotten, they are all Emperors indeed.

In contrast just a few days ago I met this guy, a new age hippy dippy type, he tells me he writes, and that he channelled something so powerful it made him cry, do share I said, he took a deep breath clenched his fist  and said with the passion and vigour of a Shakespearian actor the following “I know who I am (took a dramatic deep breath to stop himself welling up) I am Me”, so I looked at him and waited, still looking and waiting, I asked “Is that it”?   He replied, do you know how powerful those words are.  It was too much for me, I broke in to a terrible fit of the giggles, am I heartless or am I just missing the point somewhere.  I don’t think he is going to be my new best friend lol.  As Del boy would say, ‘what a plonker’!