Today I was bringing in the shopping when the phone rang, I raced to the phone leaving the front door open, the caller had gone so back in to the hall I went and my biggest fear and nightmare happened, there was a huge dog in my hallway.  I screamed and the dog went mental, snarling and barking, my heart was racing as I truly thought it was about to attack me.     I know many of you reading this are animal lovers, but when you have a fear or phobia and that fear confronts you there is nothing more terrifying.  Eventually the dog backed out the door, my hands were shaking, to make matter worse it went over to my beautiful flower bed cocked its leg, had a wee over my geraniums and trotted back to the house across the road where it lives.  It was just short of sticking two fingers up at me!

The woman over the road is ok, I have no problem with her, but put the dog on a lead or put it in your own back garden.   Just when I think I am being a brave girl by not crossing over when a dog comes near, I have gone back a thousand steps.  Just for the record, I don’t like cats either, but that’s another story!