Extract from my August Newsletter –

Is anyone else bored with the same old new age nonsense going round and round in circles and ‘teachers’ making major breakthroughs as if they have discovered the wheel?  Very recently I went to an event where the man on stage asked everyone to rub their hands together to feel the energy, then (yawn) feel the ball of energy getting bigger.  OMG talk about old stuff, I appreciate there are people who may never have done this before, but don’t make it out to be some great revelation, this is very basic stuff.   I love my work and am so privileged to  be able to do what I do for a living, but the whole ‘New Age’ business is becoming tiresome. Spirituality is not a trend, it is a way of life, but surely even this as a movement needs to move forward with the times.   An elderly dear friend passed away recently, a wonderful spiritualist who went to her grave with more knowledge in her little finger than many of todays ‘big players’ will ever know.  I feel humble to have known her and to have been her student.  She was very strict, and encouraged us to study the work of the old school teachers such as Edgar Cayce,  Arthur Conan Doyle, Blavatsky even Aleister Crowley, she said, you cannot judge unless you know the facts, it was also important to understand the light and the dark in order to create spiritual balance.

Todays date = the Star card – it is time to pour away the old and embrace life with renewed energy.  I am not one to harp on (much) about Angel lady, but I wish you could all see her in action to know what I am talking about, confidence and ego is no longer enough.  Since sending out my newsletter today, my in box has been full of people agreeing with my statement and sadly some saying they no longer have an interest in ‘spiritual stuff’ because it is boring, not only that but too many courses are overpriced and out of reach, what can we do (sigh).  One thing for sure I will never stop shouting from rooftops!

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