It is only 2p.m. and its already turning in to an emotional day, not for me personally but those around me.  Had a frantic call from a friend this morning who wants to finish with her long term partner.  I have known them years and he is such a nice man, I said to her do try and talk to him and sort it, she burst in to tears and confessed they had not had a physical relationship for almost 3 years! I did not really want to know that, but seriously what do you say?  A suggestion to talk to him and say how you feel, she said bollocks to him I am going to find a lover.  Ermmmm ok, not sure that is a fix, but she has made her mind up, I feel a disaster waiting to happen.

An hour ago I had a text from a friend whose beloved dog has been put to sleep, she is in bits, this poor lady is going through all sorts of painful emotions, bless her.   I so wish I could make things better.  I know that her little dog after being so very poorly is in a good place now and time will heal.   I have seen many spirit animals and know they are happy, healthy and looked after in the spirit world.  One thing I am sure of, is eventually everyone will be reunited with those they have loved, both people and pets.