Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you feel very uncomfortable or out of your depth, but not wanting to feel like the odd one out, you smile and nod in all the right places just to conform with the group.  I have to be a little guarded here as the person/people involved might read this, but here we go.

A group of people I know in the media are gushing with enthusiasm about a service that someone they know supplies (no, nothing naughty)!  The conversation goes something like this, ‘Kim you must see him, he is brilliant and really reasonable, he can help you so much with your business, do call him’ air kisses and we are done.   So I e mail nice man and say he has been recommended, he is very charming, he promises to send an e mail with his services and costs etc, great I said.  The email arrives as promised and he tells me his charges START at £2500, I read it again, his charges start at £2500, sorry £2500 +@*&%? did I say plus Vat!   So now I am thinking how do these people afford £2500 (+ Vat) for this man’s crappy services, when I know some of them despite their lardy dah chit chat haven’t got a pot to piss in.  Well it is not ok and just for the record I have found someone who can do the same thing for £75, that’s more like it.

I have come to the conclusion the wealthier you are the more stupid you become.  I know a woman who charges £1000 for a tarot reading, she reads for the wives of rich Arabs and said if she charged less they would think she was no good, well to be honest she is no better than any reader I know, though she does wear a wafty frock, maybe that it is?.  I panicked when I upped my reading charges by a fiver, my god you have to have a brass neck in business sometimes!

The World indeed, accomplishment, but at what price