I revealed today to a lovely friend how my Blog has got me in to trouble, she was shocked when I told her that a high profile magazine deal recently fell through because of what I have written. The question is, why do we have to conform, to be what some might call normal?  My sensible hubby would say, because that is life and people don’t like it when you think for yourself and push against the tide.   I know that to be true, as in my 20’s I worked for a large bank in the City, it was a highly paid position, but having suffered corporate bullying I eventually gained the strength to tell my horrible manager he was the biggest parasite I had ever met and he could shove his job up his arse.   That concentrated the mind as I flounced out in a dramatic gesture, but it was that action that gave me the courage to eventually pursue my true path. (admittedly a financially precarious one).   Just going back to horrible manager, turned out some years later he had embezzled tens of thousands of pounds from the bank, and so that the bank did not attract scandal, dismissed him with a pay off and a reference.  He eventually got another job with a different bank.  Scandalous!  Anyway, getting back to the point of this Blog, I have in my younger days suffered terrible bullying in the workplace, once making me extremely ill, maybe that is why I have such a big mouth now. The fact a so called spiritual magazine has taken exception to something I have said (yes I know what I have done) is in its own way bullying and controlling. I approached them and asked them for an explanation, they have not replied, the Moon indeed.  I really wish people would just say it as it is, when you don’t lie you really have nothing to hide, I am more than happy to explain myself if asked.   Love and Light …….  I don’t think so do you?

Sometimes in life we have to be brave (or stupid).  Those too scared to say boo in fear of rocking the boat, might like to think how life might be if they just had a little more courage.