Sunday morning sitting with a newspaper and cup of tea I came across a full page article about an Evangelist Minister from the USA coming to the UK to share his message.  Now, having been on the receiving end of Evangelist crap and encountered the violent hate the message these arseholes spew out, the article really got my blood boiling.     All in the name of God, this Minister has accrued over a $1 billion dollars of donations apparently for good causes, which is great, but I am wondering how come he has a garage full of imported Rolls Royce’s/Bentleys a Ferrari and numerous high end cars, lives in a $22million+ dollar home which is fully staffed and he has a team of body guards to look out for him.  Guess he must be on commission.

So why do tarot readers/clairvoyants etc. get such a bad press and this exploitation is allowed without the bat of an eye lid. Preying (or is that praying) on people’s fears and literally putting the fear of God in to people appears to be acceptable.  It seems some preachers are so ‘powerful’ they cannot be touched.

I know a bible bashing Baptist who years ago told someone she hated me, I need to make it clear she has never had a conversation with me and has judged me entirely on my profession (I might mention here she has kids out of wedlock, I know that doesn’t matter at all, but if you live in a glass house spouting holier than thou accusations, then best not to throw stones unless your own morals are perfect). Then next door recently told her 94 year old mother in law (who I adore), she wouldn’t like me if she knew what I was really like, apparently I am a witch (I hope by now you are all hiding behind the sofa)!  Well I wish I was a fully fledged witch because a certain person would be hopping around the lawn!  Ignorance is a terrible thing.

I have decided after many years I am going to scan the hate letters I received from the local churches and share snippets via this Blog.  Then I will print the replies, hold on to your hat for that one because it more than did the trick and had the Pastor running for the hills!    To think about it, he disappeared off the face of the earth, nothing to do with me, honestly!