This is a hugely informative book  almost 400 pages filled with spreads and ideas designed for daily readings.

As a Brit I was curious to see what spread Sasha had created for the 4th July, I was concerned the book was geared towards the American market, and was please to see a spread called ‘Declare Your Independence’  it is a spread which makes us look at negative patterns and habits and how we can release them as we strive for personal independence.

The book covers a spread for every day of the year complimented by a historical event for that day.    This really is a diverse book, and although you may not find the spread of the day to your liking or answers your current needs, you will definitely find something in this book to help you with whatever your issue you may be facing.

I am amazed Sasha has come up with so many different ways to lay the cards.   This is an excellent book and a must have for any Tarot reader.   The ideas for spreads will take you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to try different techniques with your Tarot cards.   I love this book!

ISBN 978 0 7387 4038 6