It was with great interest to me yesterday that David Cameron had a cabinet reshuffle.  Not for the reasons you might think, I have very little interest in politics and my opinion of all the parties can’t really be printed here.  But, what amused me was the choice of one of his MP’s.  Many years ago, I taught this person Tarot, they were eager to learn and open to advice and interestingly had a spiritual outlook in life.  At the same time, fiercely ambitious and had just at that point become a local Councillor.

I have watched this persons career with some interest, and now they have got the cherry on the cake job, and if you wondering, the reading at that time was full of potential. I looked hard and found my journal I wrote for the day it reads ‘ this person must reach for the stars, their potential is raw, hungry and endless’.  So my friends we wait and see, maybe one day they might get the top job.   I do still have limited contact and I know the cards are still glanced at from time to time.  You never know, maybe Tarot might truly come out of the shadows.

Just one thing bugging me, I have a very high profile client list and I can’t share names, dam me for being ethical