Had a terrible night sleep last night, must have only had about 3 hours. Too hot, really restless and clock watching, why is it when I wake in the night it is always, 2.22, 3.33. or 4.44am, in fact it is so common I have to wake my husband to tell him, don’t know why he gets cross with me.

I finally woke this morning thinking I want to buy a coffee shop, now don’t ask me where that has come from, I was day dreaming about my specials board menu and where I was going to get one of those posh coffee machines.  Then out of the blue a dear friend who has sold his business announces that the landlord wants him to do £40k’s worth of repairs before he vacates the building.  Sod that I thought, I shall concentrate on what I do well, funnily enough the phone has been ringing off the hook today for bookings, feast or famine, the tale of the Tarot reader (or anyone who is self employed).   But Judgement indeed, having been a sole trader and at one time having two shops I know only too well the pitfalls.  Note to self, been there done that, now behave!