I am very aware that my Blogs make me sound like a cross between Victor Meldrew and Victoria Wood (do you get that, moaning and humour) anyway I digress.   Last week was my mother in laws 80th birthday, a significant day in any calendar.  For weeks I have been scouring the card shops for the perfect card, after much deliberation I found one, the picture and words were perfect.   As it was a rather large card, I took it to the Post Office to be weighed, and it was within the 1st class limit, I purchased a first class stamp and the lady on the counter popped it in the post bag for me.  Saturday the big day arrived, no card, and it still has not arrived to date.

Today (The Devil) I went in to the Post Office and complained, well I hope you are sitting down, apparently they only guarantee 70% of first class arriving next day and wait for this, they only guarantee 90% of post reaching its destination.   Well, my alter ego Mrs Meldrew came out, “WHAT ARE YOU FRICKIN JOKING” the miserable bag behind the counter said, I will get you a form but don’t expect anything, they won’t take a lot of notice as it had no value. Well it had value to me and to my mum in law, I am fuming

The Devil indeed, we are chained to these businesses and institutions which don’t give a crap and there is very little we can do, I will fill out the form just for the hell of it.