A wonderful surprise from one of my favourite Tarot people Mark McElroy, read to the end and enjoy.

(From Mark) I’ve written a detailed, comprehensive guide to Tarot card meanings, and I’ve released the text of that guide into the public domain. It’s free for anyone to use in any way he or she wishes.  People can integrate the meanings into their own books on Tarot. They can use them freely in class materials. They can use them as the text in Tarot reading apps. There are no limits.

Well, there is one: people can’t copyright the material or attempt to restrict its use in any way. My intention is for this guide to Tarot card meanings to remain free for anyone to use, world without end, Amen.

Here’s why I did it: Tarot teachers, students, seekers, authors, and app developers lacked access to a freely-available, easy-to-read guide to Tarot card meanings. Oh, there’s always Waite’s _Pictorial Key to the Tarot_, but, you know how easy-to-read *that* one is. (ha!) And while there are several other good guides on the market, they’re copyrighted, and that limits their usefulness, too.

So I wrote _A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings_ and released the text of the book into the public domain. By making clear, comprehensive meanings freely available for every Tarot card, I’m hoping to make Tarot more accessible to more people for years to come.  Folks can get to the text here:


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