It seems despite the fabulous feedback from previous Blogs,  I have apparently over stepped the mark.  So am now looking to emigrate to North Korea, do you think Kim Jong Un will have me lol?  Once settled I can let someone else make all the decisions, keep my mouth shut and behave.

Why the Lovers?  Well I am totally passionate about what I say and do and interestingly (sorry to harp on about Angel Lady) but I had comments about the day from people who attended and I dare not print them, see I do know where the line is!

On another note, I spoke to one of my gorgeous clients this morning, this lady is extremely high media profile,  which is a bit of a nuisance as I would love to share who it is, anyway, she reminded me of a humbling situation we shared almost 20 years ago.  I thank her for that, as a result of that conversation, I feel it is guiding me to another path and one I will be very happy to walk.  Will let you know what it is when I am sure it is right.