Anyone who reads cards, or does any type of ‘psychic’ work might be familiar with this Blog.   I am in a bar with my husband and friends and the guy sitting next to me shoved his hand under my nose and said “So Kim what is in store for me?”  (Don’t you hate that, if you were sitting next to a hairdresser would you ask for a quick trim)?

Well hubby had lavished me with cheap wine so I began to read his palm, which in itself is a miracle because I am not a palm reader, but you know what it is like with alcohol inside you, suddenly you are six foot tall and bullet proof!   Anyway a detailed reading began much to the shock and surprise of said sceptic (I know this because he told me several times he didn’t believe).   Well, the reading was extremely accurate, words flowed out of my mouth revealing information I could not possibly know just like I was a true palm expert.  Ahhhhh the joy of cheap wine, I should set up a booth and charge more!

Still trying to connect the Tower energy, it will come to me