When I published my review on the British Angel Lady I knew it would open a controversial door for criticism.  Apparently I am not very spiritual for exposing the truth.  Hope you have a cup of tea to hand because this blog might go on a bit.  Interesting the Hierophant looks over us today.

The day I drew breath in to this life, I was different, I knew, saw and was aware of life beyond our daily existence.  It was just part of who I was.   No big drama, I knew no different.  At the age of 18 I was invited to be tutored by ‘old school’ psychics who expected nothing but the very best from us students.   The training was intensive and lasted for many, many years (and still continues).   I tell my students to question EVERYTHING, just because someone says so (including me) it does not mean it is right.   My biggest gripe is the very poor standard of teaching we see today, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of excellent teachers out there, but for me it is the ego of those who don’t give a crap, charge huge amounts of money and give nothing back that wind me up.  So apparently I wrong in exposing a person who I think is a band wagon charlatan.

Forgive me for saying things as they are.  This is me, this is who I am, don’t  bull sh*t me because I will expose you, don’t charge me huge amounts of money for dismal return and think you will sleep at night, you won’t, more importantly don’t make a fool of me in front of my attendees who have put their faith and trust in me to deliver, then you let me down.   One of the reasons the UK Tarot Conference is one of the best in the world is because my speakers are honourable, knowledgeable, clever and passionate speakers.  We are all there for the greater good of what we believe in.  If you want to see experts in action, come along and join us in October.

The real issue behind this Blog, is that I have been called Judgemental, well yes I am, just this morning I stood behind a man in a supermarket queue and he smelt of wee, dirty sod I thought but could not move from the line, even the poor cashier was straining not to vomit, is that being judgemental thinking for Christ sake go home and have a wash, or are we just human in expecting higher standards.

Those of you who have a problem with me, you know where the OFF switch is, or the ‘unfriend’ button, go bury your head in the sand with your crystals and incense, and leave me alone, I have been fighting the spiritual corner for 30 odd years on your behalf so that YOU can grow and expect better. I have lost count of the debates/arguments/placards and picket lines I have had to deal with on my journey.  Say what you like about me but please don’t judge me on not being passionate about my path, believe me, this is one area of my life of which I have no doubt.