Mystical Cats Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone and Art by Mickie Mueller (Llewellyn)

Whenever I am asked to write a review I try to have an open mind even if I am not particularly keen on the cards, so it is an interesting challenge reviewing this deck as I really don’t like cats.   I have worked with many of Lunaea decks and am a huge fan, so please bear this in mind when reading this review.

The deck is divided in to four suits namely Fire, Sea, Earth and Sky, I am not really sure of the point of naming the suits this way, although there is an explanation regarding Cat Clans and characteristics.

If you like cats, you will love the images.  The write up on the box mentions that cats are known for their mystical nature, yes they are, but this deck is whimsical, I do not feel it has captured their magic.   I have tried to lay a spread but these cards just do not talk to me, for example, Sea Tom (or as we would know it The Knight of Cups), is a big fat ginger cat laying on the sand, I don’t know how you would interpret that, the book tells us “On a peaceful, sun warmed beach, a Sea Tom invites a caress.”    What on earth does ‘invite a caress mean? I have no idea, the image gives nothing away and the book adds very little.

On a positive note some of the borderless cards are quirky and nicely drawn.  The book looks quite lush and each card has a paragraph with ‘The Cats Advice’ (seriously) as an interpretation, and the reverse meaning. I don’t feel, whether you are a cat lover or not that these cards will inspire you, however, as an additional deck to compliment a more traditional Tarot (and you like cats) then yes this is for you.