As soon as I added up the date to 15 I knew it was going to be a crap day, and I wasn’t disappointed.     Almost a year to the day my son and girlfriend were scammed out of £1700 for a flat in London.  A long story but after some detective work we tracked down scammer man and got him arrested.  Two previous no shows at court by him,  the 11th June was the day of reckoning, if he didn’t turn up the trial would proceed anyway.   He turned up, cocky sod, as if he didn’t have a care in the world, I have never been more tempted to smack someone in the mouth than today.

One of the witnesses, a lovely Portuguese man was cross examined by the defence, “I put to you that you are a liar”, bless  him in his very broken English replied ”Why you say that, I had money, that man take money, now I have no money, why you say I am a liar, you were not there?”.  In his innocence he was beautifully eloquent in getting the message across.  In the morning I questioned the Devil card, what could it mean, will we continue to be tied to scammer man, but no, the reason was clear when court was adjourned until the 18th June (reduces to 4 = The Emperor), who is that I am now wondering scammer man,  us or the Judge?     We will have to wait for next week to hear the outcome.