I love Facebook, except for the frickin barrage of affirmations which pour in daily, the rest is good.   Anyway, a post popped up last week from an astrologer about the Britain’s Got Talent final.     Apparently for the last 5 years she has predicted through her astrology the winner, so with Venus rising and Mars going through Saturn and Jupiter on the horizon (I am making that bit up) I just skipped through to ….. Lucy Kay can’t lose ……. (I might add at this point I have not watched the programme).  I decided for the first time in my life I would put a bet on.  There is something very disturbing about a woman going in a betting shop, if you have ever watched the Big Bang Theory when Penny goes in to the comic book store and all the nerds stare at her, well it is a bit like that.  Armed with my £10 I made the big announcement that I would like to put it all on Lucy Kay to win (no messing think big I thought), the cashier spoke to me like I had a learning disability, he obviously knew I didn’t belong in that world, but the deed was done at 6/1 (blimey now I am a poet), which meant that tomorrow I will be booking a luxury facial and possibly get my nails done on that back of  my clever astrology friend, I felt smug in the knowledge of our powerful connection with the stars had guided me to victory, as I walked out I smirked at the ‘losers’ in the shop who did not have access to the knowledge I have, of course, now you know the result, the silly cow came second and I am £10 lighter. I have gone right off astrology!  Those of you who read Tarot will know the meaning of the Judgement card, it is a light bulb moment, well had mine, keep out the bookies!