The evening has arrived for the first Psychic Show I have done in years, I decided that I am far to grand to do readings for a tenner, but did have a garage full of new age stock which needed to be shifted.  I had a stall at the end of the hall with a bird’s eye view of the flurry of people coming through the door.   Then it happened, the dreaded ‘know it all about everything’ entered the room.  I know her well but she went out of her way to ignore me.  I will not lose any sleep over that, but I thought, Kim, be the bigger person, go over to her and say hello, she was sitting with a friend and as I approached, I saw her mouth move to the words “oh God she is coming”,  syrup must have been oozing from my veins as I said hello, all very strained, then another friend joined them announcing she had had a terrible reading, the Tower and the Ten of Swords came out together, ‘big mouth know it all’ replied, No don’t worry that is really good blah, blah blah, I could not resist but say no its not, it’s terrible, you have better watch your back, tut tut …  not good at all, anyway must go, bye!  Interesting it was a Moon day, my dark side came out, and am I bothered?  Nooooo :)