Here we go my first ever blog.  Suddenly I feel all grown up venturing in to a whole new area of internet use.  So, a million things going around my head as to what I should write.  Tarot of course, but what about my crazy life, I will share some of this with you along the way. If you follow my Facebook page, you will already have made your mind up that I am slightly (well more than slightly) nuts, which is fine, life is rarely dull.  To kick off I have decided I will share with you my day today.

This morning had coffee with my mum who begged me not to have a fake tan as apparently the last time I looked like an oompa loompa.   I then walked home from the village the long route, as my horrible cow of a neighbour was let loose on the streets and I did not want to bump in to her.  Took me ages to get home and wasted half an hour I really needed.  Continuing with my diet (hence the walking) I forced down a healthy salad for lunch, then begged a publishing company to send me samples of tarot so I can write reviews. They said yes, and somehow got in to a conversation about Tarot decks featuring cats, (you can maybe guess which decks are winging there way to me) I don’t like cats, so the review will be interesting. An hour on, I let out a huge sigh of relief as I finished my newsletter which was only 3 days late.  Couple of phone readings for a lovely lady from Miami then another for a guy who lived ‘up north’, all good stuff.  Then out of the blue, two surprises, I had an enquiry about a Tarot party, which took me by surprise and made up my price, which was thankfully higher than I would have said if I had time to think, but hey ho, I have finally learnt that time is money, I live in hope that someday I might have some spare.   Oh and did I mention an enquiry about going to Australia to talk on Tarot.  To sum up, just another day in the life of Kim Arnold :)

Adding up the date today = 16 The Tower – definitely sounds about right!