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Calling all Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces                     Week 19th August 2019 – Three Swords, 4 Wands, The Star – You may well have recently experienced an emotional journey, this may have been connected to health issues, relationships or to other change which may have made you feel uneasy. The Four of Wands suggests balance is coming, and you should be entering a period of calmer waters.  The Star card opens up opportunities, if you have been dwelling on the past, it is time to look to a brighter future.  We cannot undo what has been done, but we can take control and steer the future to where we want it to be.

August 2019 Tarot Scope by Kim Arnold

Pisces– Two Pentacles –  This card suggests you are juggling too many things and need to create balance.  It is likely that your finances are an issue and you are looking for ways to get out of the red and into the black.  Looking closely at your spending habits might be a good idea now.  However, be comforted by the knowledge that your financial problems can be resolved with effort.  Look carefully at the issues which are currently draining your time, energy and resources, and prioritise what is important right now.

Aries–  7 Swords – If you have a feeling that someone around you is not telling the whole truth then you are probably right.  You may have been drawn into a situation which makes you feel uncomfortable. if this is the case, you are advised to step away now as it is possible you may become the scapegoat.  If you feel you are moving aimlessly forward without clear insight and direction it’s time to have your wits about you.  Open your eyes and trust your instincts as regards other people’s actions and motives.

Taurus– Wheel of Fortune -We often associate this card with money, but in fact it represents much more, it is the only card in the Tarot which clearly shows the 4 Virtues, represented by earth, air, fire and water, therefore, it can represent any area in your life, money, emotional stability, ideas and work.   Often seen as a lucky card and indicates a good time to act on hunches and instinct.   However, it is important to remember the wheel can turn either way, representing life’s ups and downs. Maybe you feel you have been on an emotional roller coaster ride of late and you are now entering a period where you are feeling more in control of a situation.

Gemini– Knight of Pentacles – Although you may be carrying a lot of responsibility, you are coping remarkably well.   This month you should be feeling more positive and assertive, a great time to get those jobs done and tie up loose ends. You should be feeling productive and ready to start new projects.   Ideas which involve money could be lucrative.  Start planning.

Cancer–   Ace of Swords – Stop thinking about what you need to do, act and take action, This is a period of great opportunity for you.  If you are dreaming of a fresh start,  find a way to cut free from negative influences.  However, to achieve success make sure your intentions are clear and focused. Ventures started now, could mark the start of a very positive era.

Leo– Three Wands –  It is time to consider your options but not to necessarily take the first opportunity that offers itself to you.  Take time to think about your current situation as, whatever you decide to do now, will affect your long-term future.  You may be feeling confident and able to control what happens around you. You are being encouraged to dream  beyond your current limitations. This card also represents adventure, a desire for a change of scenery and discovering new territory.  You are ready for new challenges and the only person stopping you is you!

Virgo– 9 Swords – You may find you are dwelling on the negative rather than looking for positive solutions.  Take difficult issues in hand and deal with them.  They will not go away without action.  It may not be as difficult as you think.  Too much thinking and not enough positive action, look at options this month which will help you to move forward.  What is the worst that can happen?

Libra–   The Hermit –  The Hermit continually searches for the ‘right’ path, and if you are thinking about making changes, sometimes you have to look back before you can move forward, look at patterns and behaviour of both yourself and those close to you and see how they have required you to make different decisions somewhere along the line.   You have an interest in matters psychic and spiritual, it is time to connect with your own sixth sense, as it will not let you down.

Scorpio– Temperance – Weighing up the pro’s and con’s before making a decision is the best way forward just now.  Trust your intuition as it will guide you well.   If you have been through a stressful period it is time to be kind to yourself.  Healing is needed to enable you to reconnect with yourself and others.  Put yourself first for a change and try to balance work and home commitments better.

Sagittarius–  5 Wands –  There may be disharmony, either within the workplace or closer to home.   The inability to be able to smooth out disagreements is frustrating but this may be because you feel so strongly about your own views. However, a little give and take is needed if this is to be resolved. Work issues may have been a bit of a battleground recently and you are having to defend your actions or work harder than ever to prove yourself.   This card can also represent inner conflict.  Take a deep breath before making decisions as you need to calm your mind.   Any frustration you are experiencing will pass but you will have to find a compromise within yourself or others before harmony is restored

Capricorn – 9 Pentacles  It is likely you have come through the other side of a difficult period in your life and feel more hopeful about the future although, after experiencing a certain amount of drama and excitement, life may appear to be too quiet.  The negative side of this card, can be boredom.  Have you reached a point in your life where you would like more adventure or a challenge?   In some instances this card can suggest a physical change such as a new hair style, revamping your wardrobe or beginning a healthier lifestyle or diet.

Aquarius – Ten Wands – You may find it hard to say no, therefore certain people expect more and more from you.  It is only because you appear to be so capable that your commitments continue to grow and, as a result, you shoulder more stress and burdens.   It is time to look at your lifestyle choices as, if you continue to ignore the pressures around you, then it is likely these will affect your health.  It is important to recognise that, when life feels like a struggle, you are in control and you can change whatever you need to.  At times, harsh words need to be spoken in order to release the pressure.    You need to be kind to yourself and find a way to wind down and also formulate a plan as to how you can get your life back on track.

Testimonial: Thank you!   I saw my tarotscopes, and after a very, very long time, my sign is having a more positive month.  Your tarotscopes are very accurate. MG

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