June TarotScopes by Kim Arnold

Saturday 20th June – Summer Solstice

Pisces– 8 Cups -Relationships are at the forefront this month. Not necessarily with a partner as this card can also relate to friendships/work colleagues and family members. It maybe that you need some space if you have been cooped up, if someone around you is sapping your energy with their negative attitude, you need to find a way to shut off and focus on yourself.

Aries– Temperance – You need to focus on what is important right now.   Life has obviously been very different during lock-down, but now is the time to look at how you can bring about balance, both spiritually and physically. There is no rush or pressure to make major changes, but something needs to shift as this card indicates you are not fulfilled.

Taurus– Ace of Swords – New projects are imminent.   Lock-down may have got you thinking outside of the box and you maybe planning a fresh start, it is time to find a way to release yourself from old negative influences which no longer serve you.  However, to achieve success make sure your intentions are clear and focused. Ventures started now, could mark the start of a very positive era.

Gemini– The Star – You are so ready to get out there and smell the roses!  Letting go of the old negative energy and creating new projects may be on your mind.  Think how you can achieve your greatest goal, what action do you need to take, what do you need to plan now in order to make this happen?  It may be easier than you think to change everything!

Cancer– The Magician – You may feel like you have lost your ‘mojo’ during lock down, but rest assured opportunities are waiting for you, but you will have to put in effort to help bring these to fruition.  You have all the tools you need to make your dreams become reality.  Don’t be afraid to research new options, it is time for change and prepare for a new path ahead, don’t allow yourself to be unfulfilled.

Leo7 Wands – You may be feeling unsettled and unsure of your next step.   This month be kind to yourself as you prepare to take the next step on your journey.  If a disagreement is brewing around you and you feel like you need to voice your concerns, remember pick your battles as some just cause trouble. Be honest with yourself about your motives in matters of conflict before taking action.

Virgo– Knight of Pentacles – Although you may be carrying a lot of responsibility at the moment, you are coping well.   This month you should be feeling more positive and in the right frame of mind to get those jobs done and tie up loose ends. You should be feeling productive.  If you have been furloughed from work, or business is on hold, it looks like things will swing back in to action any time now.

LibraPage of Swords – An overactive mind will keep your thoughts occupied this month. You need to find time and space to be quiet, meditate to enable you to restore calm, do not let your imagination run away with you. Your dreams may have a message so write them down, someone is trying to communicate.

Scorpio– 7 Cups – Lock down may have had an emotional and mental effect on you.  Please do not let this knock your confidence.  Do not be afraid of making decisions, whatever you decide is right in this moment.  Plan and be brave, something needs to shift and it can only do so with a little more effort from you.

SagittariusTwo Wands – The last few months have had a profound effect on you.  It is now time to start planning for the future.  Going back to work, looking for a new job or possibly a move will be on your mind this month. Sagittarian’s need adventure and do not thrive when life appears boring. Do something productive and make it count for the future.

Capricorn– The Sun – Reconnecting with family and friends are highlighted this month. This is a card of breakthrough.  At long last it seems lock down is more or less over and you are ready for adventure.  It is ok to start planning the future now. When the energy of the Sun card appears in a reading, everything is on its way to becoming brighter!

Aquarius 8 Swords – You seem to have experienced anxiety which is not like you, thought this is not surprising after the last few months.  Address your concerns and worries as this is the only way to fix things. You may feel restricted and unable to make a constructive breakthrough, however, take it one day at a time. We will soon be out of the woods.

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Testimonial: Thank you!   I saw my tarotscopes, and after a very, very long time, my sign is having a more positive month.  Your tarotscopes are very accurate. MG

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