Weekly TarotScope – Week Ahead for all EARTH Signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

11/8/2017  Fool/4 Pentacles/7Cups


If you have concerns around your finances, work or home life, it is time to believe that you can do better.  Nothing changes unless we take the first step.  There is an element of fear of moving forward in these cards but the Fool is asking you to look at your options.  At least think about changes, even if you are not ready to implement right now, all new beginnings start with a small step.

Monthly September 2017 Tarot Scope by Kim Arnold

Aries– 7 Cups – Conflict between your dreams and your fears may be at the forefront this month, you may feel you are in a stalemate situation because you are afraid of making the wrong decision and therefore not taking action, plan and be brave, something has to shift!

Taurus– King of Cups – If you are looking for love this can be a very good period for you.  You are highly creative and should trust your intuition more.  Try not to take any negativity to heart as you can be over-sensitive and need to learn to be stronger in confrontational situations.   You may be thinking about how you can make things better.  Under the influence of this card you are advised to start the ball rolling, even if it just the smallest step you need to start somewhere.

GeminiThe Hermit– Life may feel like it has been chaotic lately, this month, take a back seat, regroup and refocus.  Don’t feel guilty taking time for yourself, you deserve it.  Reconnect with nature by taking long walks or dedicate some quiet time just for you.  By heeding the advice of the Hermit you will reenergise and be ready for action next month.

Cancer10 Cups – Family issues are at the forefront this month.  If you have been experiencing conflict in family relationships, now is the time to settle disputes.  This card represents fulfilment in relationships.  However, never take anything for granted, but at the same time, when everything is flowing, just go with it and accept it for what it is.

LeoQueen of Wands –  You are advised to look at both sides of any volatile situations.  If you do not allow yourself to be flexible you may end up being in the wrong.  If there is an argument brewing you are advised to stay impartial, otherwise you will find yourself involved whether or not you chose to be.  Do not end up in the middle of a place you did not choose to be.

VirgoAce Swords: New projects are on the horizon.  Time for a new start and release yourself from negative influences.  However, to achieve success make sure your intentions are clear and focused. Ventures started now, could mark the start of a very positive era.

LibraWheel of Fortune; This can represent good fortune, however, is also a card of choices and consequences.  If you face a dilemma, think seriously about your choices as your fate is your hands. The Wheel of Fortune indicates a pivotal point in your life, where new options become possible. This shows that change is not only likely to happen, it is certain to happen, and soon.

ScorpioThe Moon – The Moon warns of deception and confusion, and suggests that you may experience mood swings and anxiety. Often, the Moon card indicates information that needs to come to the surface. You need to pay attention to your dreams, feelings and intuition. This is a good time to trust your feelings. It would also be wise to explore what drives you. Often, the Moon suggests that there are internal conflicts that have yet to be resolved.

Sagittarius2 Cups Pay attention to this period in your life and do not dwell on the past, enjoy and expect opportunities to come to you. If you are looking for love, this card has all the right vibes for a special person to enter your life.  If you are experiencing difficulties in a current relationship a decision will be made for the best. Ultimately this is a good card for achieving harmony.

CapricornKnight Wands- you may find yourself in a dilemma this month, by standing up for your principles and what you believe to be true.  Make sure you have all the facts before rushing headlong in to a situation which will require more energy than is really needed.  This is a creative time, and you may feel impulsive and therefore perhaps not taking the time to be aware of all of your options. It can also indicate entering a relationship too quickly. Try to take things slowly.  If everything is in the right place it will flow.

Aquarius The Hierophant – This is a good month to follow structures rather than work intuitively.  You may find yourself looking to join a new group, something which will help you to socialise with new people and learn a skill which will benefit you.  It is likely you will meet with a strong influential person who may have a long term impact in your life.

PiscesDeath This card does not mean physical death, rather a transformation.  It can indicate change of your old self or a major shift in your life, i.e. change of job or living arrangements, a child leaving for university, has your partner or indeed yourself coming up to retirement or facing redundancy?  This card can be one of the most fruitful and positive cards in the deck. It is symbolic of the ending of a major phase that may bring about the beginning of something far more valuable and important.





Testimonial: Thank you!   I saw my tarotscopes, and after a very, very long time, my sign is having a more positive month.  Your tarotscopes are very accurate. MG

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