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TarotScopes December 2018

Pisces– 3 Cups  Friendships reach a new level now and you feel supported and are acknowledging the good fortune of having such people in your life.  If you have any fears, do not worry, this card suggests connections and friendships will be made.   This is a card of unity and good news.   If you are waiting for news, it is likely to manifest now and to be in your best interest.  I often see this card as the raising of a champagne glass, reason to celebrate and be joyful. Happy Christmas!

Aries7 Swords   If you have a feeling that someone around you is not telling the whole truth then you are probably right.  You may have been drawn into a situation which makes you feel uncomfortable. if this is the case, you are advised to step away now as it is possible you will become the scapegoat. This is a card of caution advising that you must no longer bury your head in the sand over a worrying situation as now is the time to face the consequences.  Avoiding the truth will only make matter worse and your fears are likely to be exposed.

Taurus– Ace Cups This card marks the beginning of a new emotional journey.  You are entering a peaceful period leaving behind an emotional struggle.  If you are able, this is a good time to heal old emotional scars, forgive and forget and let go of any negative baggage which is holding you back.  This card asks that you look for the good in people, even those who may have hurt you in the past.

Gemini– 2 Pentacles  You are juggling too many things and need to create balance.  It is likely that your finances are an issue and you are looking for ways to get out of the red and into the black.  Looking closely at your spending habits might be a good idea now.  However, be comforted by the knowledge that your financial problems can be resolved with a little effort. Change is often around the corner with the Two of Pentacles.

Cancer– 9 Wands This is likely to be a difficult period in your life as luck does not seem to be on your side.  However, don’t despair, often situations such as this can be the beginning of our greatest achievements as, when the situation turns in your favour, you will understand why so many obstacles were put in your path.   It is important to remind yourself why you are doing all you can.  You may be feeling defensive, and feel the need to protect yourself, but don’t push away those with good intentions who may be able to help you.

Leo– 6 Cups All should be good in your world. There is a shift in established relationships for the better, obstacles have been overcome and a mutual understanding has been reached.  Outside of partnerships, friendship and family matters may take priority now.  You may need to make a ‘phone call, send an e-mail or write a letter to an old friend as someone is feeling neglected and contact from you will make all the difference.

Virgo– The Hermit  The frantic life you are currently living needs some balance.   This would be a good time to meditate, to reconnect with your inner soul and connect with the stillness which will allow you to focus and move forward.  One thing for sure is that you need to have space and time on your own, if a change of scenery is not possible at this time, a long walk with nature or on the beach will have the desired effect.  Read, listen to music, most importantly listen to what your body needs.

 Libra– 9 Cups  This is a card of good luck and is often referred to as the wish card.  Luck is on your side and the outlook is good.  Under the influence of the Nine of Cups, you can achieve anything.  Naturally, everything should be taken in moderation but you can afford to push the boat out and expect a positive response.   You may be feeling extravagant or have an urge to indulge yourself probably by eating and drinking more than is good for you.  Occasionally, this does no harm,  but don’t overdo it or you will have to deal with the unpleasant consequences.

Scorpio– 6 Swords  Try not to hold on to the negative influences of the past, as signified by the rocky waters to the right of the boat which reflect the turbulent emotions you have experienced.  You have the opportunity of a new beginning so do not allow grief, anger or resentment weaken your resolve in making a better life.   This card can occasionally literally mean to sail across water.  Maybe you are planning a trip? If this is the case, be aware that time away will be a healing experience for you despite whatever and whoever you have had to leave behind.

Sagittarius– The Magician It is time to seize the moment and be pro active in moving forward with your ideas.  The Magician is often perceived as a positive card. However, early Tarot decks portrayed him as a trickster, so a warning to be careful about who you involve in your plans as they may not be all they seem.  Trust your intuition and be reassured that the energy of this card will provide you with all you need.

Capricorn– 4 Swords It is likely you have experienced a stressful period and therefore need to rest and recuperate.  It is important that you ground yourself before making any major changes.  If you are able to do this you will be able to view the issue in a new and more positive light.   If a stressful problem has been ongoing try using a different tactic.  Too much thinking and not enough action may play a part in prolonging the agony.

Aquarius – 7 Wands  If you are struggling to stay on top of things, this is a good time to rethink your situation and how you will find the strength to continue. There is great determination around you at this time nothing will faze you if you are in the right frame of mind and stay focused on your goal. If there is a disagreement brewing and you feel the need to voice your concerns, be cautious and remember some battles are worth fighting for, others just cause more trouble. Be honest with yourself about your motives in matters of conflict before taking action.

 Testimonial: Thank you!   I saw my tarotscopes, and after a very, very long time, my sign is having a more positive month.  Your tarotscopes are very accurate. MG

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