New Year Tarotscope for 2020

Pisces– King of Wands – 2020 is likely to offer many opportunities, as this card represents determination and fire energy which will help you to achieve your goals.    If you need help to move forward, do not be shy in asking for help, your journey to date may well have felt like you have been struggling without support. Be open to advice, make life easier for yourself, make 2020 a year when things really can be different and more settled.  

Aries- 4 Swords – If you have experienced a stressful year it is important that you ground yourself before making any major changes.  If you are able to do this you will be able to view difficult issues in a new and more positive light.  Stressful problems sometimes require you to think outside the box in order to solve them.  A new year is always a good time to sort things out and cut loose what no longer serves you.  Believe in yourself!

Taurus–  Page of Pentacles – A busy year ahead with many changes, which in turn could have a positive effect on your finances.  Though, it is important to look at the pro’s and con’s of any change you might make in 2020, new challenges will feel fresh and inspiring.  You may well have felt like you have been stuck in a rut so look at how you can change things, a new job, decorate your home, have a make over, the options are endless.

Gemini–  10 Pentacles – What a lovely positive card for the new year!   Not only is this card great for your finances but also for relationships.   There is a feeling of security with this card, so whatever opportunities transpire in 2020, and they feel right, then go for it.   New friendships are likely to flourish during the new year.  Straighten your crown and strut with confidence, 2020 may well be your year of greatness!

Cancer– Death – A very appropriate card as we come to the end of the year, time to release the old, let go and start to believe in yourself.  If 2019 has been a roller coaster ride for you, now is the time to expect better.  What is done is done, and what has gone is gone, new beginnings await, and from here on in it should be a smooth ride!

Leo– 7 Wands – Keep things close to your chest and be careful who your trust.  This card can relate to struggle, however, being prepared can lessen any impact and you can breeze through your year ahead without too much disruption.   It is important that you trust your instincts and if you know you are right in a matter, do not waver from your truth.  Everything will come right in the end.

Virgo–  The Star – Our card of the 2020 UK Tarot Conference, brings hope and inspiration.   As the Star follows the Tower card, this card brings healing after chaos.  It is an opportunity to count your blessings and let go of what no longer serves.  Maybe 2020 is the year to shake things up, bringing in much needed change.

Libra–  The Fool – A new chapter may feel tempting but think hard before making any dramatic decisions.    If you are sensing life is passing you by, it is time to make plans which will not only bring in some excitement but also stability.  This is not a time to be reckless, but rather to really think about what you want from life.  It does not matter what age you are, there is always room for improvement.

Scorpio– 8 Cups – if you felt 2019 overloaded you with commitments, it is time to look at what you can let go, walk away from. You have been juggling too many balls in the air.  If this relates to work, make sure you are getting paid your full value for all you do, if not, then take it up with the boss or learn to delegate.  If a relationship feels like harder work than it should be, look at your options to improve this situation.

Sagittarius– 10 Cups – A card of emotional fulfilment, whatever you need in your life, you can manifest in 2020, of course you might have to put some effort in to making things right but this card suggests quality time with those you care about.  Family is priority this coming year and bonds will grow deeper.

Capricorn–   Justice – A card of balance and in some cases, the signing of contracts.  If you are thinking about moving, or changing jobs, then this card will ensure a good outcome.  If you have been feeling out of sorts then 2020 will bring more balance and stability.  Look out for the signs which will guide you to a smooth outcome within any situation.

Aquarius – Wheel of Fortune – Changes are definitely happening in 2020, and although we assume this card is good for finances, it still requires you to be sensible with money.  The Wheel turns, and sometimes we have to shift quicker than expected.  All in all, a good card for the new year.  If you have money matters to deal with read the small print and do not jump in to situations without caution when dealing with your hard earned cash.

Testimonial: Thank you!   I saw my tarotscopes, and after a very, very long time, my sign is having a more positive month.  Your tarotscopes are very accurate. MG

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