February TarotScopes by Kim Arnold

Pisces Feb 19th – March 20th – Ace Wands – Time to turn your thoughts in to action, don’t let another year pass without changing what no longer works for you. Plan, and be bold as this card encourages you to be seen and heard.   Ideas can turn in to fruitful opportunities if you are prepared to put in the effort.

Aries March 21st – April 19th 6 Swords – At last you are coming out of the other side of a stressful situation.  It may feel like it has been a long road, but finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Try not to overthink the past, as all that matters now is the future.   Learn how you can share the load when life gets to much, the situations may not be as bad as they first appear.

Taurus April 20th – May 20th 4 Wands You can relax this month as everything seems to be in hand.   If you are waiting for news, expect this to be on the positive side as balance and celebrations are in the stars. Gatherings and reconnecting with family and friends are highlighted right now, so enjoy.

Gemini May 21st – June 20th   The Star – Time to get rid of the clutter and clear space ready for what will come to you in 2020.  By having a clutter clear and creating a shift of energy in your home, you are letting the universe know you are ready for new opportunities.   This is a card of balance, whatever is keeping you awake at night, sort it!

Cancer- June 21st – July 22nd The Emperor – The time has come to capitalise on all you have built up over the last few years.   If you feel like you drifted through 2019, it is now time to take back control of your destiny.   As February is often a quiet month socially, take this time to plan ahead. You may be thinking about changes in the home or at work.  Whatever it is, know you have all you need to make change happen.

Leo- July 23rd – August 22nd 4 Cups – If you need help or assistance, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth as the saying goes. You do not have to struggle as help is at hand if needed. Don’t dwell on past issues, they do not serve you now in any way.  Try and take time out to meditate and focus on all that is good in your life

Virgo August 23rd – September 22nd 3 Swords – Be kind to yourself if you have been through an emotional time.    If you have been at a low point, the good news is the only way is up and the healing process is working with you.  Find a way to calm your thoughts, as much of what you are thinking may be over exaggerated.  Take a deep breath, all will be well.

Libra September 23rd – October 22nd   Temperance – How is the new year resolution going? This card suggests you may well have fallen off the wagon.    This card reminds us that everything in moderation is fine, but it is important that you find a way to achieve your goal by balanced means.  Libra’s in general are not great at moderation (I should know I am on the cusp), but by finding a balanced way to reach your goal, even if it takes a bit longer, is the way forward.

Scorpio October 23rd – November 22nd – 5 Coins – Christmas spending may be catching up on you, credit cards, overdrafts, debt, may feel overwhelming, but don’t despair if this relates to you.  Take time to sit down with your accounts and see where you can make savings.  Cut up the cards and only spend what you can afford, if you can do this you will soon have your finances under control.   Although this card can feel like a card of doom, it actually it means that austerity is coming to an end. Hang on in there, it will sort soon.

Sagittarius- November 22 – December 21- 2 Swords – If you are feeling stuck with no way out of a current situation, this month, you may just have to sit it out. The conflict you are feeling, may well be with yourself, but I promise you nothing is as bad as it may seem. Sometimes in life we just have to let life flow, as it is important that in order to change things, the timing has to be right.  Nothing stays the same for ever, think about how you would like to see your situation in a few month’s time and make plans as to how this can happen.

Capricorn-   December 22 – January 19 The Fool – Change is around the corner, if this is what you want.  However, be sure that before you leap in to the unknown, you have done your homework as this can be a card of inexperience.  This does not mean your plans are likely to fail as when we take a leap of faith, sometimes unexpected good luck follows!

 Aquarius January 20 – February 18 – 8 Wands – If you have been stuck in a rut, hold on tight, because this is a card of speed and action.  You may have to help push things along but get ready to keep running.   If you have been waiting for news, then it is likely to appear this month with a positive outcome.  Great time to think about booking a holiday or getting away for a few days.   

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Testimonial: Thank you!   I saw my tarotscopes, and after a very, very long time, my sign is having a more positive month.  Your tarotscopes are very accurate. MG

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