About the Conference

From an idea in 2003 to bring Tarot in to the mainstream, I never could have imagined how creating the UK Tarot Conference would change my life and in turn shine a beacon of positive light on the Tarot.

At my conferences, lifelong friendships have been made, Tarot study and understanding has been catapulted to the stratosphere thanks to our amazing teachers. I have delighted in watching talented attendees sign publication deals through networking at my events and been privileged to witness the subsequent launch of many new decks and publications.

Over the last 21 years speakers and attendees have joined us from every corner of the globe. The Tarot community is thriving.  Tarot is now being taken more seriously than ever before as we explore its roots and understand the creative minds behind developing this amazing ancient tool.

Now we start a new chapter as we embrace the virtual world, and our focus always centres on the development of Tarot as it moves through the decades, we embrace the changes from old to new creative ideas as Tarot moves with the times but still keeping its mystery and roots.

Thank you everyone who has been involved over the years, it’s been a blast, can’t wait for the next conference!


About Kim

Kim is the author of “Tarot Masters” and “Tarot Made Easy”  published by Hay House and the accompanying book of “The Gothic Oracle” published by Lo Scarabeo. She is also the Co-Founder of “The Esotoracle” magazine.

Her previous projects have included a one-woman sell-out performance at the Barons Court Theatre, London. She was also retained as a Tarot Consultant by the Producers of the movie the “The Wolf Man” on location at Pinewood Studios. She collaborated with Geraldine Chaplin in advising and preparing Ms Chaplin for her role in on how to appear authentic and knowledgeable when reading tarot in the movie.

Her client list includes high-profile and household names from the world of fashion, film and television on whose behalf she is regularly requested to consult her tarot cards. On occasion her skill, insight and accuracy with her cards have necessitated her travelling to exotic destinations all over the world in order to read privately for those in need of her gifts. Kim realises, appreciates and feels privileged that Tarot has enabled her to read for wonderful people from all walks of life and feels blessed to have been able to guide and empower them through often difficult times in their lives. Her readings are uplifting, motivating, positive and reassuring, even when her clients may feel their current issues are unsurmountable, Kim works with her cards to guide them in overcoming any obstacles and/or challenges while advising the most appropriate course of action needed to move forward in reaching their own personal successful outcome on their life journey. This is her gift.

Kim is also a Reiki Master and qualified Feng Shui consultant.

Media: Articles in “The Independent” newspaper.  Magazine content includes “Spirit & Destiny”, “Red”, “Essentials”, “Fate & Fortune”, “Chat/Fate & Kindred Spirit” magazine. Kim was also named Runner-up of the Kindred Spirit Award -Entrepreneur of the Year 2013.  Her Radio appearances on LBC with Nick Ferrari, Kiss, BBC Radio Oxford and My Spirit Radio.

2020 Virtual Conference Testimonials

I have just finished watching all the virtual tarot conference. I really want to say how much I enjoyed all of the talks and taking part in the tarot and meditation.   Your talk at the beginning and the meditation at the end definitely made the tarot conference complete.   Thank you for all your hard work.


YOU did it! I take my hat off to you for a truly amazing job – it really worked well


It was an amazing Conference, thank you for all the energy you dedicate to it! I know it is not easy to deal with people, technology and co vid…but you and your supporters managed to deliver a sensational Conference! I want just to thank you and say “bravo”!!! :) great job.


You got this beauty!   This amazing Technology has given someone like me an opportunity to hear and receive such wisdom without having to leave, travel, commute, schedule and plan.  Many people grouse about not being able to be all together in a room but this virtual Conference has opened a door for me.


I just wanted to repeat my heartfelt thanks for all your hard work to bring The London Tarot Conference to us virtually this year.  Aside from the drama of the pandemic – I had already been in a bit of a Tarot rut.   It was great to sit at home, and just listen to the speakers.  The conference re-inspired me, and I’m up and running with cards and ideas again – it’s wonderful.


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