Tarot Fest Swiss


Wicca Meier-Spring and Kim Arnold are delighted to announce our first international venture of the Tarot Fest at the Castle.


A full day of Tarot study and Tarot Marketplace in the beautiful setting of Castle Liebegg approximately an hour from Zurich will be the welcome venue for our launch. There will also be an opportunity to book readings with our speakers at additional cost.

Confirmed Speakers: David Wells, Susanne Zitzl, Regula Elizabeth Fiechter, Kirsten Buchholzer, Wicca Meier-Spring and Kim Arnold

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NB: Alternative workshops will be running in English in parallel with German speaking workshops.

david-wells  David Wells: English (German Interpreter) Tree of Life experience.   The ancient symbol of the Tree of Life carries within it the mysteries of the Tarot, so what better symbol to use as a grid for an in-depth reading? In this workshop David will take us on an adventure through the Sephiroth of the Tree and, using your own deck of cards, you will be able to use the union of Tree and Tarot to bring a new perspective to your readings.  It begins with a brief meditation to set the scene and put you at the base of the tree to further enhance the journey

susanne-zSusanne Zitzl  German  Tarot yesterday and Today From Divination to the solution-oriented consultation. We will look at the development of the cards, and how we can learn from the legacy of the old tarot clerks, and how to integrate them into the modern consultancy.  This session will also illuminate the different needs of the people from the past to present day and how this is observed in a card reading.   Think of a question to bring to this workshop as a spread designed with this in mind is planned

regularRegula Elizabeth Fiechter German Card Readings have become more mainstream over the last decade. Regula Elizabeth Fiechter searched out many new paths and created the Mystic Lenormand, published in 2004, this was followed four years later by additional four medial cards, a Spiritual Guide, Ancestors, Power Animals and Angels. In this talk, Regula will talk about the creation of her cards, the art of reading and explain the meaning of a spiritual Reading and how the four additional cards work inspired by her Spiritual Guide. You will be able to ask questions and will be shown an original painting of her cards.

wiccaWicca Meier-Spring ATC – Karten – Artist Trading Cards English: Workshop in German and English!   I started using ATC as conjuring cards about four years ago. The compact size and the ability to layer and add embellishments make them a marvellous vehicle for a variety of magickal applications. You can carry them as affirmations, craft them into an actual spells, use them in meditation and ritual, burn them, put them in your purse, or give them away to friends. You can place them on your desk at work, glue them in your Book of Shadows…the applications are endless. Your imagination can go wild and unless the card specifically says: I AM A SPELL – no one, absolutely no one, will realize that little card is a powerful piece of magick! We will craft an ATC card from Tarot cards of your choice, choose between Money/Abundance, Healing or Harmony. As this will be a Workshop you will be required to bring along: A photo (2 x 2 cm) of the person or animal for which you will craft the card. A picture of the desired outcome, a bit of hair of the animal/person. Hey presto, we have magick!

Version 2Kirsten Buchholzer  – The modern Tarot Court – Meet your Inner Team (www.diemantiker.de) Talk in German and English
According to the German communication psychologist Schulz von Thun we all are split into several parts that are constantly getting in each other’s way. This is why we often do what we don’t want to do, and say what we will regret later or lose our nerves without apparent cause. He argues that we need to turn these different parts of self into an “inner team“: by listening to the loud, as well as silent voices within and make them understand each other.    Working with the Tarot Court, Kirsten Buchholzer demonstrates how to do this. A fun Workshop with loads of practical exercises that will not only help to understand yourself much better but also the court cards.

kimKim Arnold: (Morning) Tarot Guardians and Connecting with Spirit through the Cards  English (German Interpreter)   Today we will use Tarot to work out the vibration you were born under and how this affects your life choices.  Understanding the energy of your major arcana card will help you to flow with the positive aspects of the vibration and release the struggles which hold you back.  Guardians can come in many guises.  Angels, Spirit Guides etc.  But what about our loved ones who have passed over to the other side?  Would you like to ask question and reconnect with their divine energy.  Through the Tarot I will show you how.

Kim Arnold: Workshop (Afternoon) English –  Meditation – Journey through the 22 Major Arcana:  Experience the vibration of each major card through deep meditation, find out where each card will take you and what the messages mean to you.

Accommodation and travel NOT included

VIP Ticket are VERY LIMITED please e mail us for availability: Includes Friday  afternoon a guided tour of the Witchcraft Museum.       Saturday:  Best reserved seats in the Main Hall, Goodie Bag, VIP Area and fast track entry.  Morning and afternoon tea, coffee, snacks, fruit and sweets.  Lunch included, weather permitting a Barbecue in the courtyard of the castle.    £200.00

Saturday Day Ticket *doors open 8a.m.) includes all workshops, morning and afternoon tea, coffee, snacks, fruit & sweets, Mineral water throughout the day, plus lunch, weather permitting a Barbecue in the courtyard of the castle.    £175.00

Event finishes at 6p.m. Marketplace closes at 8p.m.

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German translated page http://www.tarotfest.ch/

Please enquire if you would like to book a reading with one of our speakers.

Press Release and Interview with Kim Arnold and Wicca Meier-Spring by Kirsten Buchholzer