Limited Edition Tarot Majors Tarot Masters Cards


Price £20.00 including P+P Tarot Majors Tarot Masters: This 22 limited edition major arcana deck was created to mark the 10th anniversary of the UK Tarot Conference. Over the years the conference seen some of the most influential speakers of Tarot in our time, with this in mind, the cards have been created to reflect the energy of those speakers. Look carefully at each card you will see the initials associated with that person. Only 250 printed. The cards, created by Kati Oppermann under the direction of Kim Arnold, were designed to be simple and elegant, allowing the reader to use their intuition and draw from their own psyche how to tune in to the energy of the card.

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LIVE RECORDED CD OF THE FRIDAY EVENT UK TAROT CONFERENCE 2014 Featuring Mary Greer: The interplay of Creativity & Neuroscience, Kim Arnold: Tarot Card exercises, Geraldine Beskin: Talks about Lady Frieda Harris, Israel Ajose: Tarot + Astrology = Magik £15.00


Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan

Witches tarot 300

This easy-to-use tarot showcases beautiful digital artwork based on the Rider-Waite structure, each card includes Pagan symbols. In addition to card descriptions and meanings, the companion guide features seven unique spell-enhancing spreads for both tarot readings and magickal practice.

£17.50 + £3.00 P+P

Golden Dawn Magical Tarot: A Complete Tarot Set Cards by Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Golden Dawn 300

The “Golden Dawn Magical Tarot” back in print after ten years. This powerful tarot – rooted in the wisdom and tradition of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Designed with Qabalistic, zodiacal, and alchemical symbols and Golden Dawn colours – can be used for practical rituals, meditation, and divination. Beginners are introduced to tarot history and practice, the principles of Qabalah, significance of each card, and many magical techniques. Also included are rituals for advanced magicians.

£25.00 + £3.00 P+P

Tarot of the Orishas by Zolrac

Tarot of the Orishas 300

This deck has authentic Yoruba origins combined with the powerful energies of Brazilian Candomble. It uses a unique tarot deck design with 77 cards, including: Thirteen cards showing the Orishas, which represent archetypes of sacred intense energy.

£17.50 + £3.00 P+P

Vintage Tarot of the Orishas by Zolrac 1994

Orishas 1994 vintage 300

These cards were part of a collection and have been looked at but never used. Cards are in excellent condition, box a little age worn, wear on the corners and marks on the side panels of the box. More pictures sent on request. This 1994 deck is very rare. White book included in both English and Spanish.

£250.00 + £3.00 (will be sent registered post)

Anna K Tarot

Anna K Tarot 300

Anna.K Tarot is an easy-to-use, intuitive tool for self-discovery based on Rider-Waite tradition. Mirroring the many aspects of Self, this unique and beautiful deck will help you look lovingly inside your heart and unmask true motivations, fears, and potential. The companion guide offers everything you need to begin your journey.

£20.00 + £3.00 P+P

Meta-Barons Tarot by Alejandro Jodorowsky & Juan Gimenez

The Meta-Barons Tarot is based around the warrior characters of The Metabarons, a Science fiction series from Jodorowsky and Gimenez. The 78 cards are illustrated with original images from the books.

£17.00 + £3.00 P+P

Meta Barons 300