Magician Tarot Bag

Blue Tarot Bag / The Magician  

160×225 mm, satin

£7.00  = P+P £1.00

Magician Rider

Printed Rider Tarot Bag/ The Magician

160×225 mm, multi colours/satin

£7.00  = P+P £1.00

Tarot bag

Keep Calm & Read Tarot

Natural cotton 4oz small Carrier Bags

26x32cm Short Handles

£3.00  + P+P £1.00

Wrapping paper from Lo Scarabeo

Wrapping paper

2 large sheets of spiritual motif wrapping paper one Tarot based/one spiritual symbols. Suitable for wrapping a magickal gift for a spiritual, Wiccan, Pagan, astrology or tarot geek!

Beautiful quality

(Posted folded)

£4.00 + £1.50 P+P



Pure Serenity

Lotus Morning

The Taste of Tranquillity

Music for Inner Calm

£5.50 each plus £1.50 p+p

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