KimIn 2003 Kim was responsible for launching the first serious Tarot Conference of its kind in the UK.  The UK Tarot Conference (London) was born by gathering together the world’s most respected Tarot authors, artists and teachers. It was time for Tarot to come out of the shadows and in to mainstream respectability.  The conference has celebrated 14 years and is still gathering strength.  It is rated as one of the best in the world.  The UK Tarot Conference is highly successful and draws both speakers and attendees worldwide.  Kim’s passion for Tarot continues to grow as she works tirelessly to remove the negative image of tarot and enlighten people with the knowledge and wisdom of this ancient craft.

The UK Tarot Conference is a must for any Tarot lover who wants to learn more and develop their skills.  Due to the success of the Conference, 2015 saw the launch of the London Tarot Festival, a more relaxed event for people to experience Tarot at all levels and in 2017 the first Tarot Festival in Switzerland.

Kim is a Hay House author of two books Tarot Masters and Tarot Basics.  Her third book  accompanies the Gothic Oracle for Lo Scarabeo.

And there’s more ……     In 2005 Kim launched the Psychic Café, a nationwide concept designed to enable people from any walk of life to dip in to the mysterious world of psychic development.  The aim of Psychic Café is to provide a relaxed and friendly sociable atmosphere whilst removing the mystery, showing that anyone can develop psychically. Psychic Café has been described by Fate & Fortune magazine as a phenomenon!

Her projects include her one woman sell out show at the Barons Court Theatre, London.  She also works as a tarot specialist at Pinewood Studios and recently on location on the Universal Studio movie ‘The Wolf Man’. Kim worked with Geraldine Chaplin advising her how to use the tarot as preparation for her film role.

Her client list includes high profile celebrities from around the world of fashion, film and TV for whom she holds regular sessions. The Tarot has enabled her the privilege of meeting the most wonderful people from all walks of life and has helped to guide them through difficult times. Kim has been aware of her abilities since she was a child. Her readings are uplifting, motivating, positive and reassuring, even when it may feel like the odds are against her client’s, her cards help to guide them through life’s challenges to find a better way forward.  Kim is also a Reiki Master and qualified Feng Shui consultant.

Media: Articles in The Independent Newspaper, Magazines include Spirit & Destiny, Red, Essentials, Fate & Fortune, Chat it’s Fate & Kindred Spirit magazine, runner up of the Kindred Spirit Award -Entrepreneur of the Year 2013.     Radio appearances on LBC with Nick Ferrari, Kiss, BBC Radio Oxford and My Spirit Radio.  Consultant to Pinewood Studios on Tarot.