I spent the day in London last week sorting venues for the conference.  I had a meeting at the Copthorne Hotel which is next door to our usual venue and although it is a beautiful hotel, the conference facilities were disappointing.  The room layout was disjointed, the conference room was stunning, but you had to cross the corridor to the breakout space, it just didn’t flow, it would be different if we had a conference of hundreds of people as we would have a larger space and it would work, but as we are, it is not practical.  I was taken to another room upstairs which again was lovely, but lots of stairs or reliance on lifts which is not practical.   If one day we are looking at 150+ in person attendance, I would go there in a heartbeat, but for our 78, we can only have certain space and it just doesn’t work.    The conference space was also significantly more expensive, and I am not prepared to increase prices to cover the difference.


From there, armed with a notepad filled with minor issues from last year I went to my next meeting at the Holiday Inn.  My goodness what a difference, since the fallout from Covid and shortly after our event, things changed for the better, it is back in its glory of the early days of using the venue.

New staff have been employed and reception now has a minimum of 3 staff at any time.  The old kitchen staff have all been removed, and a new team is in, the chef is highly qualified and creative.  The room key issue has been sorted and most importantly the screens and sound system in our conference space has been completely updated and ALL staff have been trained in replacing cables etc so there will never be an issue again.

In nutshell we are back at the Holiday Inn, Wrights Lane, Kensington, I am just waiting for group room rates and a few minor queries to be answered, but I feel relieved to have sorted it and ironed out